Warned For Blaring Out Music, Model Abuses Cops, Arrested

No takers for bhakti music this season

icons took jabs at the music industry, petty judges on singing reality competitions and the hypersexualized music videos bombarding audiences today. By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, October 6, 2013, 12:22 PM Comment Sinead O’Connor name-checked Simon Cowell as a murderer of music in a new interview, following her Miley Cyrus open letter rants. After Sinead O’Connor ripped Miley Cyrus and the music industry for promoting “prostitution,” the Irish singer got even more specific with the name droppingrailing music executives like Simon Cowell for their hand in what she considers the “murder” of music. “I feel sorry for the murder of music and rock ‘n’ roll,” O’Connor, 47, said in an interview with Ireland’s “Late Late Show,” according to E! News. RELATED: SINEAD O’CONNOR FIRES BACK AT MILEY CYRUS AGAIN “Because of Simon Cowell, (and others, like TV music judge) Louis Walsh. It all amounts to the murder of music.” The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer caused a stir after posting an open letter to Cyrus , 20, on her website, cautioning her not to become a “prostitute” of the music industry. Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images British singer Annie Lennox also slammed new music videos from young female singers as pornography. In the lengthy post Thursday, O’Connor said Cyrus was perpetuating a sexist system in which music execs make money off of talented, but hyper-sexualized women. The motherly gesture wasn’t well received by the “We Can’t Stop” singer, thus igniting a back-and-forth between the two that O’Connor said is now “over.” RELATED: SINEAD OCONNOR TO MILEY CYRUS: DON’T LET THEM ‘PROSTITUTE’ YOU “There’s a certain alarm that needs to be rung and I know there are a lot of musicians around the country and around the world that will agree,” she continued in the TV interview. “The power of rock ‘n’ roll to change things, to move people, is being murdered by all this worship of fame, ‘Pop Idol,’ ‘X Factor,’ all this stuff.” RELATED: MILEY CYRUS HOSTS AND PERFORMS ON SNL The ‘No More I Love You’s’ singer didn’t name Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in her Facebook rant, but alluded to their raunchy new videos as ‘new lows.’ Similarly, musician Annie Lennox appeared to second O’Connor’s concerns, speaking out against the “pornographic” music videos from female singers bombarding the Internet and television in a lengthy Facebook post. Without naming Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spearswhose recently released music videos have warranted backlash for their racinessLennox, 58, wrote that she is “disturbed and dismayed” at the overt sexuality. RELATED: RIHANNA TWERKS, SWINGS AROUND STRIPPER POLE IN POUR IT UP MUSIC VIDEO “You know the ones I’m talking about,” she wrote.

Nayar was initially let off with a fine, but was arrested later in the day after senior cops saw a video of her abusing the policemen who had gone to caution her. She will be produced before a local court on Tuesday. Around 1.30am on Monday, the police control room received a complaint from a resident at Samarth Aangan society, Oshiwara, about loud music being played at Nayar’s flat. The complaint was passed on to Oshiwara police, following which two policemen went to her flat along with a building watchman, to warn her against disturbing others. However, Nayar turned aggressive when cautioned about the loud music and began abusing the cops. Nair and her boyfriend, who was present in the flat, were taken to the police station and fined under different sections of the Maharashtra Police Act (earlier Bombay Police Act) for playing loud music and creating a nuisance. Once at the police station, Nair apologized to the cops for her rude behaviour and requested them not to act against her and said she had been upset with senior police officers who didn’t help her to get her film released. She told police that she had acted in a movie but its producer was delaying the release. She claimed to have met senior police officials requesting them to put pressure on the producer, but was upset as they declined and vented her ire at the Oshiwara policemen. While she was let off after paying a fine, later on Monday, senior police officers saw a recording of Nair abusing the cops, which was made by a person on his mobile. Police then decided to book her under the IPC and she was arrested under sections 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation). Detained for verbal volley Around 1.30am on Monday, the police control room got a complaint from Samarth Aangan society, Oshiwara, about loud music at model-actor Anjum Nayar’s flat It directed Oshiwara police to look into the complaint. Two cops went to Nayar’s flat to caution her An aggressive Nayar abused the cops, the incident was recorded by a person on his mobile Nayar and her boyfriend, who was also present, were taken to the police station, fined for creating a nuisance and let off Later on Monday, Nayar was arrested and booked under IPC sections after senior cops saw the recording of her abusing policemen

Sinead O’Connor blasts Simon Cowell for ‘murder of music’; Annie Lennox slams music video ‘pornography’

The tepid response to religious music albums has stemmed the enthusiasm of those involved in the music business. Music retailers, reeling under a crisis due to online availability of songs and piracy for sometime now, usually depend on religious festivals to push the sale of audio and video CDs. However, the easy availability of even religious music on internet and sharing through pen drives, coupled with the lack of any worthwhile release in the market has led to a downward spiral in the business of the music vendors. “I have been in this business for almost 15 years now but never before did I see such a negative demand among consumers. The market is already down by almost 50% this season as compared to previous years,” rued Sanjay Ghosh , owner of an old music store in the city. Ghosh said the music companies are not releasing any new album and simply recycling the old ones in the market. He said, “Till last year, music companies used to launch new songs every year but this year no new songs have come in the market. The companies have just changed the packets and re-launched old CDs.” Besides, the online availability of songs has badly affected business. Ranjit Kumar , a music store owner, said, “Earlier, new songs used to be available only in the markets in the form of CDs and DVDs, but nowadays piracy has increased so much that people are able to download everything for free from the internet. This has brought down the sale of CDs considerably.” With days to go for the Puja, he hopes that the market picks up pace in the coming days. The poor response is also refraining upcoming singers from launching new albums. Bulu Ghosh, a music composer, who helps newcomers in launching music CDs said, “Till last year, many local singers would launch their albums during this period to establish their name in the music industry. But this year, only two to three persons have come up with new albums as nowadays people do not buy CDs of local singers. They’d rather prefer downloading the Bhajans from internet.”