‘london As It Could Be Now’: Reconnecting Londoners With The Tidal Thames

River Rooms 2113 is a proposal for a necklace of public rooms at the scale of the city at existing and proposed River Boat piers along the Thames. The Mayor of Londons 2013 River Action Plan seeks to increase passenger journeys from 6 to 12 million a year by 2020 which could continue to rise, becoming a preferred choice of Londoners and tourists. By 2113, River Rooms could present a new way of understanding London whilst reconnecting local communities to their river frontage. FloodPlain / Neil Cummings and 51% Studios FloodPlain. Image Neil Cummings / 51% Studios #floodplain is an online platform that enables users to make collaborative, spatial representations of London, its main river artery, the Thames, and their floodplains. Using vast pools of openaccess public data the #floodplain site re-imagines the tidal Thames for the 21stcentury, suggesting new ways to map, imagine, and inhabit London, its sites and their architectures. #floodplain is a new kind of public space, that will enable users to become architects of their own environment. Lubricity / The Eastern Reach Lubricity. Image The Eastern Reach The Eastern Reach will focus on the margin of east London, straddling the tidal Thames between Rainham and Grays. This is a place of everyday life unfolding in a horizontal patchwork of river, wetlands, settlements and industry. It is held together by a landscape of hard and soft infrastructures of which the river is central. Our field of research includes an interrogation of the ecological and social processes that have formed this agricultural and infrastructural tidal zone. We will combine site-specific fieldwork and socio-spatial mapping with an open and innovative design approach. The Thames Baths Project / Studio Octopi with Civic Engineers and Jonathan Cook Landscape The Thames Baths Project. Image Studio Octopi / Civic Engineers / Jonathan Cook Landscape In 1865 Sir Joseph Bazalgettes London sewage system was opened. There are 57 overflows along the Thames and in 2012, 39m tonnes of sewage leaked into the River Thames. Thames Water are planning a super sewer completing in 2023. This will remove 96% of the sewage currently entering the river. The improvements in water quality open the possibility for once again swimming in the tidal Thames.

London’s future at U.Va. should hinge on marked progress

But Virginia is 18-24 in his three-plus seasons, and last year’s 4-8 mark included a six-game losing streak that followed an encouraging home victory over Penn State. So fans have every right to wonder if this is Groundhog Day . “When we went on that losing streak, guys were down, and we never got back up,” defensive end Eli Harold said. “We were loafing. We didn’t show up. We didn’t have any passion. “I think everyone knows what we have to do to prevent that from happening. I think it all starts with practice.” But London and his players insist that practices prior to Ball State were crisp. They said the same before a 14-3 setback at Pittsburgh, where the offense appeared helpless. “We believe we should have won,” London said of Pitt and Ball State. When will practice translate to game day? “We want to win now,” London said. “I believe in the coaches. I believe in the young players that are playing. But there is a process to that.